Multiple Visions for Missing Malaysian Flight MH-370

March 22, 2014:

I have waited to post these visions in order to give myself enough time to interpret all of what I have seen. This has been a very difficult process. I hope I have interpreted them correctly. The bulk of these visions were recorded and time-stamped on video.

March 8, 2014:

I saw an arc divided into 2 halves over a map with 5 circles on each side. I felt it could represent two different countries where the Malaysian Airliner may be located. The 5 circles on each side could also represent 5 people in each country or province involved. It may also represent the 5 countries that surround the Red Sea on two sides as I saw a strip of water separating the two groups of countries. Note that Israel is one of the countries in the right side of the circle. It is marked with a blue number 1. Were they a target for the Malaysian Boeing 777 hijackers or was this a dry run and they will be a target in the future? I'm not sure.

Either way, I felt there was a political motivation behind the plane's disappearance. I have felt from the beginning that the 2 Pilots were forced to turn off the plane's transponder and forced to divert the plane onto a different course. I do feel that the plane had terrorists aboard.

March 9, 2014:

I saw in my vision that a beam of light coming from a small island surrounded by water (ocean) that was sending either a signal to the plane, which could be a laser or landing beacon directing the plane to a landing strip or to a guide a missile to blow up the plane. I feel that it was a missile that blew up the plane.

I believe this vision seen on the same night is very important: I saw a derailment of a train and knew my Guides were saying whoever derailed the train in China a few weeks ago that killed 27 people are also involved with the disappearance of Flight MH-370. The March 1st attack by Uighur Muslims killed 33 and wounded 143 passengers at the Kunming railway station in southern China.  Both assaults appear to have Al Qaeda’s terrorist trademark of attacking symbolic public venues to inflict highly media-visible casualties.

March 10, 2014:

I saw an initial “A” in a vision. This could mean more than one thing. When I see something in a vision it can provide several messages in one. This could mean that the group or groups involved could have some affiliation to Al Qaeda and/or that they are Asian.

March 12, 2014:

I saw a silver haired older woman of Chinese or Malaysian ancestry in shock swallowing pills (suicide attempt) while a picture of her deceased husband was shown behind her. A picture of her son looking up at the sky was on my right (I knew he was deceased). He was also of Asian descent and about 30 years old. I knew the mother was now alone with no one to care for her and she wanted to die, 

March 18, 2014:

I saw that the Boeing 777 was trying to either land on a small runway somewhere in the ocean or was out of fuel and descended into the ocean. This vision confused me as I saw that a missile blew up Flight MH-370  in a vision on March 9, 2014.

March 20, 2014 and last night, March 21, 2014:

I once again saw the plane in the water. Sadly I feel everyone on board died after the plane went up to 45,000 feet and then dropped suddenly to 23,000 feet. If the oxygen was turned off and the passengers couldn't breathe they would have died within minutes. I feel this was deliberately done to gain control over the airplane without any interference from passengers.

I still feel that at least one of the Pilots were either in on the hijacking or were forced to do what the hijackers ordered them to do. I feel that the hijacking was a "test run" for a later bombing but it went wrong.

I saw the plane again break up into the ocean with the wings tearing apart from the plane and sinking into the ocean. I also saw an initial “S” and “T” in the vision. The  “S’ might represent the South China Sea that the airliner was crossing:

I am not sure what the "T" stands for at this time.

Footnote: I also saw that President Putin will continue to control the Ukraine and attempt to restore the old "Soviet Union " by illegally annexing all of the former Soviet satellite countries one-by-one.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

We are seeing the effect of the number 7 year once again. The missing Malaysian flight is very typical of what can occur during a 7 year. Remember what I said in my last post about the 7; "That which is hidden but can be and will be revealed."? The mystery surrounding this missing flight will be solved but only after a lot of work and analysis is done first. I don't believe that it will remain hidden from us permanently.

I have consulted my guides about Flight 370 but I can't reveal what I've seen until sometime next week. I will explain my silence on the subject then. So, stay tuned!

And don't forget to set your DVR's to record "America Now" at 1PM on April 1st on channel 11 in Los Angeles. I will be appearing in one segment of the show. Those of you who live outside the LA area should consult their local TV listings to find out the correct time and channel in your area.

2014 Vibrates on a Number 7

I just wanted to make a quick post about the number that we all vibrating around this year. If you add all of the numbers in 2014 together (2+0+1+4) it equals 7. 7 is a special number in numerology. It represents communication between the ethereal and physical planes of existence. 3 is the number of Heaven and 4 is the number of Earth. When the 3 sits on top of the 4, creating a 7, it symbolizes the union between Heaven and Earth. So, as a result, everyone is more psychic than usual all year because our connection to the spirit realm has been amplified. That increase in psychic ability triggers another facet of the 7.

The 7 also reveals things that have been hidden or obscured from view. In a way it has a lunar quality. That is, the moon comes and goes but it never remains hidden from view for long. That lunar quality is expressed as "That which is hidden but can be and will be revealed.".  The seven accomplishes this by digging for details, analyzing them and then using them to come to a logical conclusion.

This year we should look for many hidden things to be revealed. Those people who have been hiding something big for a good long while should be worried. Everyone is unconsciously looking harder and closer at everything this year and they will discover hidden things that they would ordinarily miss. This may manifest in something huge for us nationally or internationally. And this may occur several times over. If you look back at January and February so far you will see that this has already taken place several times.

The key to getting ahead this year is paying more attention to your intuition and to details. If something feels wrong you better investigate further before committing to anything long term. Even if something feels 100% right I would suggest stepping back and investigating that, too.Use the vibrational influence of the 7 to guide you away from the negative and towards the positive. It will definitely make your life better for the rest of this year!

The following is a list of predictions made by Cheri Mancuso before a live audience in Sherman Oaks, CA on November 16, 2013:

  1. The Senate will not pass the House Bill this week to reinstate the 5 million health insurance policy cancellations. Insurance companies aren’t worried that it will pass because the Senate is closely sticking together to have the majority of Senators appear to be in favor of it and will vote on it but it will fall short of the majority voting against it. I feel like it’s already planned as to who will vote for it and who won’t. The Democrats know if it passes it will derail Obamacare altogether.

  1. More doctors will continue to drop Medicaid and Medicare recipients to the point that hospitals and private doctors won’t accept it. Private doctor-owned hospitals will start to spring up and they will carry their own insurance plans. Individuals will make policy premium payments directly to the hospital.

  1. More Americans will look into and take advantage of going overseas for major heart and other surgeries.

  1. Seniors will start to live at home longer over the next decade depending more on family members to care for them. Group Senior Homes will start becoming very popular for aging seniors.

  1. More problems throughout December and January 2014 with the health care website.

  1. The November 2014 elections will be in favor of Republicans for the House and the Senate.

  1. More problems will arise in regards to the  IRS and Benghazi scandals in 2014.

  1. There will be more uprisings in 2014 through 2015 in the Middle East, especially in Egypt and Syria.

  1. The housing market worldwide will continue to fall in value in 2014.

  1. Gold will continue to go down in 2014 but will eventually hit $ 5,000 an ounce in the future.

  1. Silver will be the new Gold. The price of silver will start to soar in the spring of 2014.

  1. The American economy will hit an all-time record low with higher unemployment and higher prices for food in 2014.

  1. There will be major layoffs nationwide in the insurance industry after businesses are forced to cancel employee healthcare policies. The Unions will protest Obamacare loudly after this happens. The Government's goal is to ensure that everyone in the USA is enrolled in Obamacare, They intend to control healthcare 100%. A one-world order is in the making after the American Government gains too much control over the people of the United States.

  1. President Obama implements the provisions of currently-proposed immigration bill by executive order between now and  2015. 

  1. The division between our countries is on the verge of a potential retaliation by American citizens that could lead to a nationwide curfew and eventually cause more shootings and the possibility of a large citizen-based uprising in the US.

  1. Gun control is the next bill that will cause more political animosity in the US.

  1. There will be another attempted bombing in the US in 2014 by a terrorist organization.

  1. Raw land and metals will be a major new source of investments. Diamonds will triple in value in 2014 as well as copper, bronze and silver. Art will become another big source of investments.

  1. School shootings will continue to be a major problem over the next 2 years.

  1. The TV and Motion picture industry will change the way they do their advertising.

  1. More advertising in general will be done through social media and less through television by 2016.

  1. Marketing techniques and strategies will completely be changed in all businesses.

  1. Major retail chain-store companies will start to invest in television stations and will begin to invest in the Motion Picture industry via independent film studios in order to control their in-movie advertising.

  1. More Americans will start in home businesses over the next 5 years. Young adults in particular are  going to work independently.

New Predictions - 10-09-13

1. The Truckers Beltway Shutdown will be the biggest protest to force the White House pay attention in the history of the American People.  They will send a message to the current White House administration that  "We're tired of the B.S".  Bikers all over the country will join in and send a message the American People are taking back their country. (Here is a link to a great article about the DC Truckers’ campaign: You will have to copy and paste it into the address bar of your browser or do a search for

2. The current government shutdown may actually come to a point where the White House will have to negotiate to avoid another credit downgrade.

3. The stock market will continue to fall in October but will rise in late November.

4. Gold will be up & down while Silver and Copper will rise.

5. The housing market in the USA will continue to decline.

6. Obamacare will not only continue to have major problems getting people to sign up but the only real people signing up are the poor and immigrants where they think they will qualify.

7. Medicare and Disability patients will soon learn that they aren't going to get the care they used to get.

8. Doctors will continue to retire and the good care that Americans used to receive will decline.

9. The private individuals who had good policies will soon discover that their private policies will increase to a point where they can't afford to have it..

As I said in my last predictions, Obama will soon show his true intentions . He is not doing what is good for our country and people are tired of him being a celebrity, campaigning president. His ratings will continue to go down. (By the way, I was raised Democrat.)

New Predictions - April 8, 2013

Iraq Announces 21 Executions in One Day!

  • I predict that by the end of 2014 Iraq will once again become a significant safe haven for terrorists. These terrorists will be successful in taking over the Iraqi government and will operate much like the former Libyan Government or like the Assad government in Syria.. All efforts by the US, it allies and Iraqi dissenters to bring democracy to Iraq will have been in vain.

The Middle East in General
  • By the end of 2013 the Middle East will have seen more uprisings in Egypt and Libya. 
  • France will see more havoc inside its borders primarily due to terrorist activity instigated by a Middle Eastern terrorist group.
  • We will begin to see some Middle Eastern terrorist-related activity in the US, particularly in California.

The United States Economy
  • Contrary to media reports, unemployment in the US will continue to rise in 2013.
  • The stock market will continue to go up and down making it increasingly risky to invest in it.
  • The price of gold and silver will rise again by 2014.
  • More people will rent their homes rather than buy them as the average American will begin to lose interest in home ownership this year. This will be due to the fact that they have lost their faith in their ability to qualify for a home loan.
  • Gas prices will be increasing again in the very near future.
  • Automobile sales will begin a long, slow 2-year decline as we near 2014. More Americans will be forced to rely on mass transportation or other cheaper forms of transportation such as motorcycles, motor scooters and bicycles.
  • Our reliance on the automobile is coming to an end and this will trigger a reduction in automobile manufacturing, sales and service creating yet more unemployment in the US.
  • Car ownership will also decline due to young Americans who will rely more and more on the internet for social interaction, entertainment and shopping, thus reducing the need to leave their homes for those purposes. They will also begin to apply for drivers licenses later in life and they will own fewer cars per family than ever before.
  • Seniors will drive far less due to the increased cost of fuel.
US Politics
  • The GOP will gain control of the US Senate and retain control of the House of Represenatives after the 2014 mid-term elections.
  • US immigrations policies will come to the forefront as a sore subject for the federal government in general.
The US in General
  • We will see more mass murders in the US in 2014.
  • The credit rating for the US will drop again by September of 2013.

The World Economy
  • The world economy will continue to decline as the price of food and housing rises.
  • More foreign investors will take advantage of the depressed US real estate market which will make it harder for Americans to invest in real estate.
  • US based businesses will continue to outsource jobs overseas despite the rising number of unemployed American workers.

  • The cost of Obamacare will continue to rise as 2014 approaches. 
  • The cost of medical insurance will rise significantly, especially for private medical insurance.
  • Medicare will suffer as Obamacare begins to be implemented. 
  • Beginning in 2014 many doctors will refuse to accept medicare patients altogether, making it increasingly difficult for seniors to get medical care.  
  • The Pre-Exisitng Condition clause in Obamacare will be either be reversed or there will be higher costs for those with pre-existing conditions under Obamacare.
  • Americans will be forced to make changes in their everyday life in order to to be eligible for Obamacare. For example, overweight individuals will be forced to drop a specific amount of weight or pay more in premiums or be denied medical care until they lose a specific amount of weight.
  • Tests and treatments will be denied for patients who are deemed "terminal" due to cancer, heart disease and diabetes, for example.
  • As doctors become more and more scarce in 2014, Nurse Practioners will replace doctors.
North Korea

  • I do feel that North Korea will continue to threaten to attack the US. My psychic impression is that Kim Jong-un is just trying to position himself as a powerful leader in the eyes of the average North Korean.
  • I do not feel that North Korea will attack the US or South Korea due to some type of intervention by the Chinese government.

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